About Us

Suppliers of the StrongU-U2/U6/U8
Suppliers of the T2T 30T and
T3 39T
Suppliers of the X1, X2 and X7
Suppliers of the A821, A911, A921 and more

The Minerset way

Professional, competitive and determined to give outstanding before and after-sales service, extremely rare in the Crypto business

Our Story

We’ve been operating in the trading and logistics business based out of GuangZhou in China for over 10 years now. That gives us a significant edge because we have identified the key trusted suppliers and logistics companies. We see a lot of people trying to work with Chinese like any other supplier, it doesn’t work, the Chinese business model is very unique. We need to be close to where the action is.

We’ve recently been working very hard to improve our relationships with Innosilicon, StrongU, Bitmain, Fusionsilicon and Aisen to make sure that we can be even more competitive and bring you the latest miners at the best prices possible. We are not brokers we are resellers direct to the major players in this space.

Meet the Team

Elias Fernandes Sanchez

Founder & CEO and all round great guy

Ola Checkina

VP of Logistics keeping everything running smoothly

Jim Musgrave

VP of Sales, making Ola’s life a misery

Next Steps…

Take a good look at the products and services we sell starting here